There will be a meeting of the Presque Isle County ARC on Saturday August 24 at 1100 at the library in Rogers City.

MEETING There will be a meeting of the Presque Isle County ARC on Saturday August 24 at 11:00A.M. It will be held at the Library at the corner of 2nd and Erie in Rogers City. We had hoped to discuss digital HF modes but it looks like two of our planned participants will be unable to make the meeting. Still, we can kick around what we have and develop the subject for further study. For those who might be interested in the ARES Connect sign-up process, I can provide a walk-through of that.

NAUTICAL CITY 6K RUN Our inaugural participation in the Nautical City 6K was a success. For something put together on relatively short notice, with a few blanks in the information needed, the communications team did quite well. Thanks to: WD8KDB, KE8DAF, W8WLC, AF5QX, and N8HGD. Steve provided the golf cart used as a chase vehicle and Greg put together the APRS equipment for it. Even with all that went well, we still learned a good bit about the event itself as well as our own equipment and procedures. The event committee and local Public Safety personnel were quite appreciative of the fact that we were there. It looks like we did a good job of filling some gaps they've had in their coverage for a while.

POSEN SPUD RUN The Posen Spud Run, held in conjunction with the Posen Potato Festival, will be on Saturday September 7 this year. We have provided communications for this event since 2012. The race starts at 0900. We try to be in the assembly area at the school by 0800 and on station by 0830. This event does not provide the geographic challenges that the Rogers City event does but it certainly helps to have adequate staffing. If you can make it, please consider joining us. A few more people is easier to deal with than a shortage. Our participation usually wraps up by 1030-1100.

NEW EMERGENCY MANAGER Norm Smith, our Presque Isle County Emergency Manager for a number of years, stepped down last year. He was replaced by John Kasuba, who was unable to remain in the position. Sarah Melching was hired to replace him. She recently contacted me regarding who we are, what we do, how many of us are there, and a few other things. I expect to be hearing more from her, possibly before the meeting and will pass on anything that develops before the meeting date.

SUMMERTIME... While walking around the yard with my new dog, I noticed some chafe on one of the halyards for my 75M wire. I guess it's a good time to do something about that.

73, Mike WB8TQZ
Exipres Aug 24 at 1:49pm EDT

Nautical City 6K Run Support 3 August 2019.

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A golf cart equipped with APRS will be following behind the runners. We will be using the PICARC repeater for voice comms.

The cart can be tracked via APRS at KE8DAF-12 on

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