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W8WLC and KE8DAF have set up a Club digipeater as W8WLC-15 for improved APRS coverage of Presque Isle County. The digi uses the receive antenna for the WB8TQZ voice repeater using notch/pass filters to isolate 144.39 MHz from 147.02 MHz. The strong 99.9 MHz transmitter frequency is also filtered out.

Link to aprs.fi

Another APRS site that has some interesting features, still based on Google Maps.

Link to aprsdirect.com

Presque Isle County area approximate coverage map

The fill-in digi KE8DAF-15 and iGate at KE8DAF-13 serve to get the data onto the internet at aprs.fi

Detailed info including APRS station/mobiles heard by or received by W8WLC-15 can be viewed at W8WLC Info

It seems that support for the embedded javascript map has been dropped by APRS.fi. Sorry.

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